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Safe, welcoming and protective student environments

Safeguarding Educational Settings

Education settings service a large community scoping from teachers, staff members and students to visitors, contractors and tradespeople.

In these unique settings, security and safety is of prime importance to ensure a safe, positive and productive educational environment.

Safeguarding Educational Settings

Bespoke Education Solutions

From intruder threat and student violence, to illegal substance abuse and health & safety legislation, it is crucial to have in place the correct procedures, people and technology vulnerable children and adults in and around your buildings.

We understand the importance of trust and minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of an educational setting. We provide security and Facilities Management services to a wide range of educational establishments, including: schools, colleges, universities and student accommodation.

Experienced & Trained

We also have proven experience reducing risk across large-scale premises, including dorms and accommodation, providing a service that is personable, approachable and tailored to your specific needs.

Our staff and security personnel undergo our rigorous screening and vetting process which includes Enhanced DBS checks. In addition, our fully SIA licensed security staff receive training specific to education environment needs, such as conflict management, search procedures and evacuation protocol.

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